The Best Way to Make Furniture

The best furniture begins with the best materials.  That’s what we guarantee every time.  When you start with our materials, you get a tough, warp free, light weight panels that allow you to build furniture quicker than with any other method.

Ultra High Strength Aluminum Park BenchThe most light weight materials on the market which allow for the ultimate high strength solution in nearly any skin.  With this method you can get the best furniture with all of the qualities that allow you to the simplest assembly while maintaining the highest quality and lightest weight.  With our system, you can easily transport and ship your furniture without any compromise.   Once you begin to learn our methods, you will discover the way to achieve the ultimate high quality and eco-friendly approaches to furniture construction.

Super High Strength

Over nearly 20 years of research and development, we have discovered the best way to build furniture.  With our patented and patent pending methods, we are able to build furniture that lasts longer, can hold up to more weight

Sing-Core-Flat-Pack-Furniture High Strength Light Weight
Two big men can sit on the edge of one of our drawers with little to no flex

With our patented and patent pending methods, we are able to build furniture that lasts longer, can hold up to more weight, is more visually appealing, is available in more skins, is much more easy to assemble, is much easier to transport, is more comfortable, and offers you many more styles and appearances.

Strength has been one of our number one focuses from the beginning, because furniture must hold weight in order to function properly.   These two men, whose combined weight totals at 650 pounds, can easily sit on the edge of this draw which uses our advanced patented and patent pending technology to form the highest strength, light weight materials used for our furniture.  This is the same furniture you will have access to as a student in our furniture building classes.

The Man Behind the Mission

Sandwich-panel-kitchen-furnitureMaster Inventor, Genius, Peter Sing took his patented and patented core, used in the most dimensionally stable, strong, yet light weight materials for the highest end residential and commercial construction purposes, and applied them to making the lightest weight, highest strength, most easily assembled, fully functional furniture in the world.  Mr. Sing took his concepts and applied them in a manner designed to make the entire world a better place by bringing new materials to all kinds of different industries, including furniture making.

Free Education

stock ivy league royalty free school education
Better than an ivy league university!

Have you ever wanted to go to college, but realized the cost is just too high.  Now you can get your education free of charge.  Our specialized furniture education program is even better than that.  We teach you all the details of how to make furniture the best way possible.  Not only will you get a great education in a specialized trade, you will also be miles ahead of the game in starting your own business, so you will never have to suffer a boss hovering over your shoulder and shouting orders into your ear.  You can learn on your schedule, completely free.  This is better than a free ticket to an ivy league university!

Exclusive Discounts

Discount-Free-Money-Cheap-BWorld class furniture at the lowest price possible!  Not only does your education here come totally free, but you will also have access to exclusive discounts on furniture making kits and supplies, so you can sell your own furniture all across the country, even the world, at a hefty profit.  Deep discounts on the best furniture designs possible.  Now days, when you go to the furniture store, everything is junk.  Most furniture sold today is made with cheap materials.  It isn’t built to last.  It does not stand up to transport.  It won’t hold up to weight, and certainly does not stand the test of time.   Most modern furniture falls apart quickly.  All you have to do is push it with a finger.  Now you can buy the best made, most easy to assemble furniture, furniture built to last up to 50 years.

Free Enrollment for a Limited Time

Free College Enroll NowWhen our experts went to the CEO with the idea of opening a furniture making school, he thought we were crazy!  We’ve spent weeks convincing him this is the right move. 

Which is why this opportunity won’t be around forever.  This is a limited time offer, so you must act quickly.  Our program will be closed to new enrollment in a matter of days.  Our CEO has been hammering us about the cost of opening our furniture making school.  This opportunity won’t last.  New enrollment could be shut down at any moment!  The precious hours are ticking by.  Enroll now!

Dresser made from our patented and patent pending special materials.

We can make all kinds of furniture based on our patented and patent pending materials that allow you super high strength, super light weight furniture that is easier to assemble than any other furniture.  Moreover, our furniture can be shipped anywhere at a lower cost because it is designed to be flat packed for compact shipping.

The Captain Bedframe

Meet the Captain Bedframe, our beautiful, most full feature, highest end bedframe that even has a complete compliment of drawers, which provide you with ample storage space for clothing, bedding, linens or anything else you plan to store beneath your bed.  In our furniture making school, you will learn to make the Captain Bedframe and much, much more.

Office-Furniture-Desks-Commercial Furniture

100% American Made

All of our furniture is 100% American made in the USA, sourced from materials made in USA.  Ask us about our Made in USA policy.

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