A Novel Approach to Flat Pack Furniture

One of the prime characteristics of most flat pack furniture is that it’s cheap. It’s made with cheap materials, designed to ship flat, and to have the consumer put it together herself. Often, it’s such a challenge to assemble that it is referred to as the ‘divorce maker’ or likened to solving a ‘Rubik’s Cube’! And once it’s in place – you don’t want to move it again, or it will fall apart! When it is time to move, it ends up in the landfill.


So, what are the benefits of our flat pack furniture over the competitors? For a start we don’t make it from cheap disposable materials, and it’s designed to last – a hundred years!

Bunk Bed

Flat pack furniture made to last? How do we do that? First if all it’s not made from plastic, Masonite, MDF or particleboard like that other, cheaper, flat pack furniture. We use a patented torsion box with a honeycomb core that is stronger, lighter, and guaranteed to be totally, utterly flat. That’s right: without warp.

Also, Sing Furniture is really really easy to put together, unlike the competitors. It simply requires a screwdriver, hand drill and a little elbow grease, and not much of that:

But even better! You can knock it down flat again just as easily, and either store it or ship it cheaper than regular bespoke furniture; which you certainly can’t do with the usual cheap flat pack furniture from you-know-where. Then you can put it back together again just as good as the first time it was assembled. And you can rinse and repeat time and time again – 100 times if you want to! Guaranteed to last and stay out of the landfill.

Our Sing Furniture with neutral hardwood panels is shipped flat, and unfinished. This leaves you a blank canvas to create whatever look matches your interior design. Stain it, paint it, or collage it if you want.

Buying Sing Furniture combats some of the most common disadvantages of buying flat pack furniture from elsewhere.

  1. Flat pack furniture is hard to put together or has hidden costs because you must hire an expert to put it together. NOT TRUE WITH OUR EASY ASSEMBLY FLAT PACK!
  2. Improper assembly leads to wobbly, sub-standard furniture. OUR FURNITURE IS SO EASY TO ASSEMBLE THESE PROBLEMS NEVER OCCUR.
  4. Boring, it all looks the same. SING FURNITURE CAN BE FINISHED ANYWAY YOU DESIRE.

Additionally, Sing Furniture has all the advantages of traditional flat pack furniture, and then some: affordability, sustainability, ease of use, versatility, and flexibility in design.

Designed and crafted by Artisans in Washington State.


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