Sing Furniture – A Revolution in the Making

We are pleased to announce our new line of flat-pack furniture with classic clean lines, made lightweight and durable right here in the Pacific Northwest.

In this modern age more and more and people are turning away from the excesses of our disposable throw-away society, and instead looking for more sustainable solutions. At the same time, we’re an ever more mobile society. Urban millennials are less interested in committing to long term furniture options, and yet desire to be greener with a smaller overall footprint. According to statistics Americans move every five years. And when that happens a ton of furniture ends up in the dump. Our Sing furniture is the solution to disposable furniture.

Moving furniture is a pain (and possibly hazardous to your back!). Traditional high-quality furniture is heavy and takes up a lot of space. Cheap prefabricated furniture is still heavy and will often break and get damaged just moving it from one room to another. Much cheap modern ‘convenience’ furniture is made of particle board, cardboard, and veneer. It is not made to last, and it certainly can’t take the rigors of multiple moves! As soon as it gets in the least bit damaged its only good for the landfill. According to the EPA Agency, up to 8.5 million tons worth of disposable office furniture ends up in landfills annually.

Here at Sing Core we have a solution. We have applied our patented Sing honeycomb panels to the task. With our furniture you can easily knock it down and flatpack it for moving or storage. These panels are an eco-friendly innovative combination of a torsion box with recycled foam fill that produce panels that are both incredibly strong yet super lightweight. Using sleek utilitarian design, we have created a line of furniture that is a blank canvas for you to create your own look while enjoying incredible ease of use, lightweight sturdy construction, and big deep drawers, just for example.

Our furniture is so lightweight you might not even want to disassemble it for moving, but if you do it’s guaranteed to flat-pack in minutes, and then be re-assembled again just as swiftly. It uses less hardware than regular furniture that you assemble, and no glue, yet is much stronger. Just look at how this drawer can easily handle up to 160 lbs. of weight.

Besides our honeycomb panels the only supplies you need are some screws and a screwdriver. The metal sliders are installed at the factory. The furniture is modular so all you have to do is decide how many shelves, drawers, or whatever you need, and we ship it to you flat pack. The beauty of that is that the furniture can also change as your needs change.

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