Learn to Make Furniture the Easy Way

Don’t wait when you have this amazing opportunity in front of you!

Come to Our State of the Art Manufacturing Facility

In the heart of amazing Junction City, Washington, on the banks of the Chehalis River, stands our modern manufacturing facility. This is where we specialize in assembly and finishing of top of the line furniture built with our patented and patent pending core material.

Once a week in this prime location our instructors teach laypeople, weekend warriors, and even professionals and aspiring professionals the tricks of quickly making top of the line furniture from easy and affordable materials.

While this may seem like a dream, learning a fun and profitable craft in a picturesque location, we have made it your reality.

Master Furniture without Years of Effort

In the past, learning to make furniture was an expensive, time consuming, and often unrewarding. Now, we have the solution.

Learn to make fine furniture with our USA Made Furniture’s time saving panel system. In less than a day you can learn the essentials of our system, skipping the hard and messy work for cutting lumber. Simply join the panels in your desired configuration, finish, and enjoy.

Save When You Learn From Us

You may think that you have to pay for the convenience of building with our panel system. But nothing can be farther from the truth.

The secret of you system is this:

Our Sing panels are 90% air!

Peter Sing
Inventor, Owner
USA Made Furniture

This means that your furniture is using much less wood that you could with any other high-end method, without and sacrifice in quality.

You can tell by the sound that our panels are stronger than steel and straighter than any other wood product you’ve used in the past. The use of our technology provides you with a rare win/win situation.

  • Strength is unmatched by convetional building methods
  • 1/3 lighter than the same size solid wood furniture
  • No need for expensive table saws, and other equipment
  • Avoid off-cuts of expensive lumber, buy pre-sized panels

Leave Something of Yourself

Many people want to give something nice of themselves to their friends, family, and their community. This is your opportunity.

Whether you are retired, an enthusiast, beginner, or master woodworker, or anything in between; USA Made Furniture furnishes you with the materials to achieve your dreams.  

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